Transport Return to Startpoint....Or not??


I’d like to have the option to have the transport return to startpoint (which is set in the preferences dialog), but then from time to time while playing back, hit a separate stop command to have it stop and stay exactly where I am at in the project. In Sony Sound Forge I can do this by hitting the “Enter” button instead of the spacebar to stop. Very elegant. I’m sure Cubase has some similar type of option. I can’t believe I have to go to the preferences dialog every time I want to change methods. Please advise. Thank you!

You can set up a keycommand for “stop” (not start-stop", which by default is the space bar). By default it´s “num-0”. Hitting once stops playback, hitting a second time returns to start position, or you can make a Keycommand for the Preference setting you mentioned.

I think what you are missing here is to use the zero key on the numeric keypad to stop and have the return to start switched off. Then when you press stop it stops at current play position and when you press stop twice it goes to the original play position.

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I have two strange macros set up which set locations 7 on play and 8 on stop… It doesn’t solve your problem at all but it gets me out of trouble when I accidentally locate to the beginning or some other equally useless place. I can instantly get back to where I was :wink:

I think the two stop clicks is the thing. Maybe you could set up a macro to do two clicks and assign it to shift-stop or something like that?

So apart from pressing 7 sometimes, I also use the L key a lot which by default takes you to the beginning of the current selection. When you’ve just recorded a take it’ll be automatically selected and pressing L takes you to the start of the take ready for a re-take or review.


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There is a command that does what you want :

Transport - Return to Start Position


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Thanks so much, guys!

Thanks from me too!

I’ve got a nifty macro to toggle spacebars behaviour, and 80% of the time it is just what I need.

However, there are times when I need to switch between those modes a LOT, and that numeric zero solution is exactly what i need.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi,Zenda. Do you care to share this macro?