Transport-start mode: "start from selection start" issue

don’t know if its a bug or intentional ,
but when i set transport-start mode: "start from selection start "
when select and play it starts from selection as should, then stop and play again it starts from selection again even when the “return to start position on stop” option is not activated, i want after stop the play to continue from where i stopped and not from selection unless the “return to start position on stop” is activated


It works as expected.

It always starts from the selection start. So until you change the selection it will start playback from the current selection. Which is the same as it was before, in your case.

i see, but it missing the point of convenient way to play from selection , and on stop and start to continue from the stop point .
Like in Protools, its mostly to avoid to jump to ruler and/or avoid the need to control+shift click in project to position the cursor


Then you would need to deselect the object, or change the Start Mode to the Start from Project Cursor Position.

How should Cubase know, if you want to start from the selection or not, in your case?

checked again. its actually the same in protools as "start from selection start "+“return to start position on stop”
but anyway a mode that starts from initial selection, and after stop it plays again from where it stopped.
basically i would like to place the cursor on the project with the mouse pointer by clicking on project area , like ctrl+shift but without the need of using cntl+shift


If you want this behaviour, then go for the