Transport Stop, Disk Access, why?

Why does a disk access occur whenever you stop Cubase? This causes the disk meter in the ASIO performance display to go into the red zone for me. CS.

Hasn’t Cubase had this behaviour for ages? At least your description is something like I’ve always experienced. Now a wild quess: When Cubase gets stopped, it tries to prepare for next “play” by filling all play buffers (disk/asio) as fast as possible, which of course results on short “overload” situation.

IMO this is smart thing to do and nothing to worry about.

Thank you for the response. You are probably correct. And, it may just be me being overly sensitive to Cubase’s operation. As it turns out, there are no clicks/pops when this happens. Again, thanks, CS.

PS. I am changing my original post so that is is clear that what I am talking about is the disc access meter in the ASIO performance display.