Transport stutters playback during render

Have a fairly large project with a lot of guitars recorded and about 15 VST drum tracks and every time I render a 4 minute cue at about 3 minutes the transport starts dragging and stuttering slightly and the tempo goes to hell…unusable…CPU is At 85% …but I did notice an audio overload export message which halted the render process once…does this simply sound like I am taxing my PC ? I recorded my drums and turned off the VST instrument drums to save CPU and it still does this at the same spot…disk is not showing overload…


What do you mean by “render”, please? Render in Place? Export Audio Mixdown (offline or in real-time)? Something else.

Martin export audio mix down in real time


Is there any reason for the real-time Mixdown? Why you don’t export offline, please?

Never tried it , is it more efficient ? How does it Handle all of my fx sends like reverb?


Yes, it is more efficient. If Cubase doesn’t have enough resources, the export can take longer. But most of the time, it’s faster then real-time, because 100% of resources is used.

Yes, it handles all FX Sends, like Reverb (if you mean plug-ins).

Thank you wil try that

It’s stuttering during playback also …something is really wrong I can’t find why…transport set to beats and it starts going off time dragging a little here and there

Also I gave external fx loop so can’t do other than real time render

What is your Buffer Size? Can you increase it?

  1. Tried 1024 no change motu audio doesn’t give me the option for higher buffer

Can you try to Freeze or Render (I mean Render in Place) some tracks (with most plug-ins)?

Could you try to run LatencyMon, jist to check, your system is OK Regarding to ASIO oerformance?

Also if I start play 2 minutes into this music cue, then the transport does not stutter at the three minute mark. If I start play at the beginning, it stutters at the 3 minute mark. It’s about 4 minutes long, this doesn’t make any sense .