transport TC "bug" ?

is this a bug ?

  • NO - leave it this way i love to reselect the same parameter thousands of time wasting my life.
  • YES - please change it in next update :slight_smile:

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i’m using cubase with video and timecode alot.
there’s something happening with the timecode display and i would like to know if it’s a bug.

in transport window i display the bars to create music. but i toogle with a shortcut : Transport - exchange time format to display the timecode sometime. this function is memorised on the first selection between bars, time, timecode, wheel … blabla. and it works great

when you change the “select timecode at current position” in edit menu then the selection is lost and you can’t toogle anymore until you select again the timecode or what ever you want to use in the transport display…

is that a sort of bug ?
is there a chance steinberg change this so that toogle selection stays whatever the change in timecode modifications ?

(sry for my english)

… or matbe it just happen to me ? :angry:

why why always me why ?