Transport to timecode

I think I’ve mentioned this before quite a while ago and the many engravers/arrangers among you have little interest in this. But apart from fact that I tend to remember the timing of a particular passage rather than a rehearsal mark and far less a bar number, for folk like me who produce mockups, it would be hugely useful to be able to navigate quickly to a specific timing point. Without a score as is often the case when getting feedback from the mockup, this will of course be what someone with a comment or query will refer to and I find it disappointing that this is not integrated into Dorico. Because the transport bar has no slider (like in Sibelius where you can at least quickly get to the general area), it seems a time-consuming process. The best solution would be to make the timecode field user-editable so you could simply put in where you want to navigate to.

What do those Dorico users, who are primarily playback/mockup orientated do in this sort of situation?