Transport Window disappears when hit F3 for MixConsole

Hi Forum,

On my new Cubase 7, whenever I press F3 to activate the new MixConsole, the Transport window disappears and I have to keep pressing F2 to get it back.

This happens when the MixConsole is maximized or if it is not.

It’s annoying.


I’m on Mac., osx 10.8.2.
Cubase 7.01.
I don’t have this behaviour ; the Transport Panel stays visible when i open the Mix Console…

Odd …

yes it happens on pc and if you look in the issues parts of the forum it’s already been listed

I have the same problem. It’s really annoying.
Also all the open windows with VSTs and others disappear.
Every time I press F3 to close it everything is gone and I have to reopen everything.