transport window more features anyone?

There are of course many features that we’d all still like to see in Dorico but I for one am surprised that the transport window still seems quite rudimentary. Why can’t you just type in the elapsed time location you want to go to in the score or use a Sibelius-like slider? No real fast forward or reverse? If you’re like me, you most often know where you want to go in the score by the approximate time and least often by a bar number? Dorico has so many outstanding features that it’s curious to occasionally see the simple things missing that just about ever other music software seems to have. Or is it just me?

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to get to an elapsed duration, but maybe that’s just me. I frequently make use of the Goto Bar function, though.

We need to remember that Sibelius features have had decades to get added.

We need to remember that Sibelius features have had decades to get added.

when the Lion roars, it’s time for me to scuttle under a rock :wink: Actually, I have been using the “Go to Bar” quite a bit the last couple of days for the purposes of copy/paste in a Sib to Dorico conversion. And if I remember to put a rehearsal mark at the beginning of each flow and then subsequently at the main cue points for easy access using the arrow keys, it would make my life rather easier. As it seems that the support of my proposal is precisely zero, that’s maybe the way forward…

You can create and jump to Timecode markers if you like. And you can click or scroll by time basically in the ruler of the play tab even though you can’t enter a time. The key there is using the x and z keys for zooming to show a large or small enough time period - and to click on the transport display so that it shows elapsed time and not beats or frame.

thanks for that suggestion – hadn’t actually thought of Timecode markers and there might be a place for them somewhere.

I think a slider would be a super addition.
In Sibelius, the slider takes into account all repetitions, so it’s really easy to know the total duration of the song. This is very useful for those who compose for scenes with specific time duration. I really miss something like that.

A slider would be good and I’d also like to be able to type 00:01:23 and go directly to that time in the score. I don’t need frames.