I have been using Cubase 5 successfully for some time. Suddenly I cannot find the Transporter! It has disappeared and I can not retreave it with F2 etc. Anybody have a clue?

I received this message from Steinberg Help: Is this in all projects and when opening Cubase? Are you running two monitors?
Is so disconnect one monitor and then open the project. This will put everything
on the on screen. Save the project like this. Now connect the second monitor and
open the project. re-position the windows.

But I am not using two monitors. I can start a new project and I do see the Transporter in the new project but not in the old.

Look to the scroll bars at the bottom or sides of the Project Window. If no, lower screen res and drag it to center and reset res. If no, trash Prefs.

Aloha E,

Do you mean the ‘Transport Panel’?

If so and if pressing F2 does not retrieve it,
just go up the the top menu bar and under ‘Transport’ where
you can access it there.

HTH (hope this helps)

as Guest posted, sometimes the Transport Panel
(and some other elements) can
slip off the edge of the screen.

Changing screen resolution
(and then changing it back)
may help to retrieve it/them.

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