Transpose -12 and +12 buttons

Dunno about anyone else, but I pretty much only use the transpose tab to move things by octaves, so I figure an easy improvement would be to have little buttons that do this. Currently you gotta type it, which, if I’m always typing one of two things may as well suggest an easy thing for that. Quality of life thing n all.



(excuse the design skills lol)

Macro is all your need……

Not for what the OP wants as far as I can tell. While it is easy enough to use Macros & the LE to transpose Events and Parts. There are no Key Commands to set a value in MIDI Modifiers.

To the OP, you might want to explore modifying your workflow so instead of transposing midi on the fly during playback you transpose the underlying MIDI Data. That method is easier to set up Key Commands for.

This is one of those “I didn’t know I needed this until you mentioned it” deals."

You sir, are a genius.


Or do away with the buttons and just add a shift modifier.

Like Shift+Down and Shift+Up?

yeah using the mouse scroll wheel even

hey thanks but not sure what you mean here? what do you mean by transposing the underlying MIDI data

and yeah down for any of the alternate suggestions here as well

another suggestion along these lines is to have an optional Transpose Modifier for events you duplicate with ctrl+alt+shift+drag (whatever this is called). so you could have the two MIDI events linked and will forward any changes made but one would be transposed by +12, or perhaps by a diatonic scale degree

Yes, like transposing on the Editor Window…

+1 to the OP’s original request. Seems like a simple solution to save some clicks/typing. May even be able to squeeze the +/- 12 buttons into the same row to save some real estate.

I guess it’s doable with PLE.

Edit: Oops, I misunderstood. +1 from me.

I like this idea! +1

Say you have a MIDI Part which is an octave lower than what you want. There are 2 basic ways to transpose this.

  1. Play back the data and while playing back use midi modifiers to transpose the the notes realtime. This is what you are doing.
  2. Edit the MIDI Part or the underlying MIDI Events to transpose this underlying data. Now when you play back the notes will already be transposed and will not need to be modified during playback.
  • Octave +
    Like most midi keyboard have, would be a nice addition.
    Some indication that shows the status, like on Yamaha keyboards for example :slight_smile:

Great Idea, i find myself typing 12 or -12 all the time, especially while auditioning sounds