"Transpose" action not working in Expression Maps


I’m using patches from 2 different brass libraries on a Bass Trombone staff to access the full range of articulations I need. Everything works fine and switches like I want it to, but one of these libraries is pitched one octave higher than the other.
So I used the “transpose +12” option for all articulations that use Lib A, so that they are ptiched like Lib B.
But it has absolutely no effect unfortunately. It’s really as if the “transpose” option wasn’t taken into account.

A few extra info:

  • I use Windows 10 with Dorico 4.3, libraries are Cinematic Studio Brass & Inifinite Brass, hosted in VE Pro 7
  • The articulations are custom articulations. All other instructions they contain are taken into account.

Does anyone have any clue?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Please attach a trivial example project that contains a brass trombone instrument and your custom expression maps, so that we can take a look and see what might be happening. Please make the project as simple as possible and focused purely on the specific techniques that are not transposing.

Hi Daniel, thank you for your prompt reply. Will do as soon as I can tomorrow!

And a bit of an explanation in case it helps other people.

I was using an add-on switch to go from channel 1 (instrument A) to channel 2 (instrument B), and included the “transpose +12” instruction in the “Natural + [My add-on]” playing technique combo.
This doesn’t work.
What actually worked: using only base switches, creating custom playing techniques for each instrument so that each instrument has its own set of playing techniques (e.g. LibA_legato, LibB_legato), and adding the channel change + “transpose +12” where required.
I use Lib B for a few articulations only so this method proves quite efficient.

I haven’t tried using playing techniques combos such as “legato + Lib_A”, “Legato + Lib_B”, where Lib_A and Lib_B would be defined as base switches instead of add-on switches, but it probably works, too. Add-on switches are very convenient but they tend to behave in mysterious ways :slight_smile:

Thanks again Daniel for offering your help!

Great, I’m glad you have a working solution now. If you encounter any further problems, please let us know.