Transpose Audio File with no time correction Real Time

I was wondering if there was a way to select the audio file, transpose it up or down and have the length of the audio file change to compensate. If I turn the pitch down the file will lengthen and slow down, if I turn the pitch up it will shrink, in real time. Not using the pitch shift processing dialogue.

Right now if I use “Elastique Pro - Tape” it seems to do this but in reverse. I change the tempo and the pitch will compensate. What I’m looking for is way to change the pitch and have the audio file length compensate.

I know this can be done with the “pitch shift” process, but I don’t want to process the audio file, I’m wondering if there is a real time way of doing this. It seems like the technology is there with the “elastique pro - tape” option but seems only on directional where the pitch compensates. Can’t do it the other way around.



If I’m understanding you…

Load your audio in to a sampler like Kontakt and play in half step increments or tune in cents or both. That’s the simplest way that won’t process the file. Set it up like you want, and bounce.

If I’m wanting to change the tempo of a loop or tune a bit, I prefer this since it doesn’t damage the quality unnecessarily


Pitch without time correction then manually stretch using the tool to size the region

there’s no direct way. asked for it too… i heard reaper does that. all it would take is to implement semitone-step snapping for time-stretching in elastique tape mode. it would indeed be cool to do sampler-like stuff in the arrange (like in old tracker software). steinberg don’t know what’s cool though ;]