Transpose bug?

I’m afraid I’ll probably struggle to reproduce this.

Yesterday, working on a score, I wished to transpose the whole thing down a tone. However, the “Transpose” dialog was only showing Interval options for:

Up: Second, Fourth, Fifth
Down: Seventh, Fourth, Fifth

I achieved the transposition I wanted by going down a 4th, at which point I was able to transpose back up the minor 3rd.

Can anyone confirm they’ve seen the same, or is this a known issue? Is it perhaps something to do with having a 6# (and a 7b) key signature in the music?

Are you sure you tried all the pull-down menus?

Hi Derrek.

I just edited my post to clarify.

It was specifically the “Interval” drop down, only offering these three options (plus, possibly, the unison).

I guess I do not see it then. On my Windows machine I have the full range (even in the key of C#) to transpose up or down from unison to seventh with all the appropriate “qualities” from diminished to augmented. Hope you figure out how to get your system to behave.

(I always hope snafu’s are something I did rather than a software problem, since I can probably fix what I do faster than waiting for a programming correction and update.)

It’s slightly confusing, I didn’t get every option in every case either, such as from F# major to F major. (but it IS early in the new year :slight_smile: ) but I got the result I wanted by using the Calulate interval > Apply method. If the Key Signature is included in the selection, the Transpose Key Signatures box is also activated …

This possibly isn’t a repeatable bug. I can’t get it to happen again!

In general though, the “Interval” option is good for me, but I’m a bit confused about “Number of Divisions” and what that means.

Whatever it was that was going wrong, the “Calculate Interval” was greyed out / disabled.

Try entering some measures in F# major, followed by a few in Gb major. Select All, Invoke transpose and check the menues…
Transposing one KS at the time is different…

Got it.

See attached:

I suspect this is Dorico saying “I don’t know how to respell this key signature”. In cases like this, Lilypond will sometimes give you key sigs with 4 or 5 or more double-sharps. That’s unusable, but perhaps technically “correct”.

So I can understand the issue. What I don’t like much is the lack of explanation. It would be nice if there was some kind of a message saying “these key signatures can’t be transposed”.

Or perhaps in future, provide options… Rather than a key sig with (say) 10 flats, we might prefer to write the enharmonic two sharps.