Transpose Dialog Conflict

Hey guys,

I create a lot of educational music PDFs for a company, and I’m often told to leave out double sharps and flats. The transpose dialog works great in concert with the respell to avoid double/triple flats and sharps option. When I’m in a transposed part, for a Bb instrument, when I try to use the transpose dialog, it doesn’t respell any of the notes. There’s often hundreds of pages that I complete for each instrument transposition and just having the transposed parts to be manually fixed/corrected is incredibly time consuming. Is there any possible solution to this?

Can you share a small project stub for us to check?
I’m trying to understand the issue: are you saying that the Transpose dialog’s “respell double sharp/flat” checkbox works as expected for non-transposing layouts while it doesn’t for transposing layouts?
Or is it something affecting specific instruments rather than layouts?

Hi Kenny,

I think you are right that the “Respell to avoid double and triple sharps and flats” option only applies to the concert-pitch spelling. However, you may be able to get the results you want by using the “Apply atonal spelling options” control - if you set that to “Always” then the atonal spelling options (which can be found on the MIDI Input page of Note Input Options) will be applied even if you have a key signature, and I think these will affect the spelling in the part too.

If you find that doesn’t work for you then I’m happy to look into this more but I’d probably need a short example project to make sure I’m doing the right thing.