Transpose Dialog Features Request

Hello all,

Transpose dialog is a very useful and powerful tool, but in my opinion it needs some changes:

  • When using the TAB key to move around components (combo-boxes, text fields, etc.) I found Quality and Interval being placed in the wrong order. Interval should be placed before Quality, also because the content of Quality combo-box depends on the choice made in the Interval one.
  • Also Number of octaves should be placed before Directions.
  • The dialog should remember the last settings. In this way I can copy different phrases in a given key and transpose them in the new key without setting again and again the various fields in the dialog.



I second your first and last points. I can see why someone would consider putting the Quality option before the Interval option for reasons connected to how the intervals are said in English, but as stated above, the contents of the Quality option depends on the choice made in the Interval one, which means that you have to “tab back” once the interval is set. Also, contrary to how it’s said in English, IMO it makes much more sense to specify the most significant information before the less significant information.

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