Transpose Feature

To Whom it may Concern:

Where is the Transpose feature in Cubase pro 10,
In Cubase pro 9 when we highlights all tracks it showed up at the top, with other features.



It´s the same in Cubase Pro 10.

Hey svennilenni, it’s Reggie, I’ve highlighted every track and don’t see any features at the top. So if you can please help me find what I am missing,



At the top right there are little icons for left, lower, right and right (with a little cog) screens.
Click the one with the little cog and the new screen shows you what you opt to see. Just check the information bar that you want.
I cant remember which one you need, as I’m not at my computer at the moment, but 60 seconds experimentation will show you.

Jim B

Hey Jim B, it’s Reggie, thanks, it’s the “info box” in the cos sreen.

Thanks for the help,