Transpose Incoming Midi Data

I have the Novation Remote SL37. Transposing by semitone increments is a huge pain, so I’m hoping there’s a way to do it within Cubase. Just to be clear, I want to transpose all incoming midi data so that I both hear and record the transpose notes (when I’m playing on the keyboard, I like to stay in A minor/C major territory.)

Is this possible?


should be doable:

  1. disable midi-trough, so your original data won’t be mirrored to midi out.
  2. on the track you want to record the data, add a midi-insert called “transformer”
  3. in the transformer-window select “standard set 2”, inside there is a preset called “transpose+12”, load that.
  4. in the lower box you can change the value “12” to any number of semitones you like your input to be pitched up.

the instrument connected to that channel should now play the transposed keys


Good explanation cbrcase.
I seen to recall in C4 or 5 there was a transpose function that did that in the main menu. I remember one upgrade looking for it and being a bit confused. Nice to know how to do it now.

Using the transformer insert will not record the transposed data though.
You need to use the input transformer for that.


good point, cap.

just to explain a bit further: you can have a look at the preset i mentioned above, as the settings are what you essentialy want.

then set the midi-insert to bypass. (power button)
now click on the “input tronsformer” button in the track-inspector (with the midi-track selected) and choose “local”.

this opens a dialog quite similar to the midi-insert transform. just enter the same settings here (sorry, there is no just-transpose-preset here).

thus you will record the midi in the transposed pitch.


Thanks everyone - this is working out very well. I wish there was a way to do it globally so that I don’t have to put a transformer on every track, but this is a pretty good solution as is. Much appreciated!!

save as .vstpreset ??

quick enough to load up