Transpose input question

Hello guys,

I need advice. Is there a way to transpose input (es one or two octave up or down) on midi input from a keyboard that doesn’t have the transpose button?
Thanks, in the meantime I feel in love with all the beauty of Dorico 4.

Thanks for your support

You mean other than selecting the notes afterwords and using CTRL+ALT+UpArrow (or CMT+OPT+UpArrow on the Mac)?

no, I mean the ability to play (input) notes from a 61 keys midi keyboard that don’t have transpose buttons on the panel. Often I need to input notes for a bass part, or out of the 61keys range of the keyboard.
My question is: can Dorico transpose input notes before input, allowing to hear out of range notes? I need to record notes under C1 that my keyboard doesn’t have.
hope to be clear trying to explaining my needs

If that’s what you are looking for, the answer AFAIK is currently no. You’d have to do what I do, as outlined above. Type everything is the affected phrases an octave higher than intended and then transpose them all at once.

thanks for your reply, maybe could be a feature request for the future releases.
Again , thanks

Are you playing in via real-time MIDI input to metronome or using the MIDI kbd to enter notes in step time?

Playing realtime is the reason Of my post. Sometime its very inspirig trying to play some bass part and record/write in the score.