Transpose issue

Dear Dorico Friends, how do I transpose a whole piece from g-sharp-minor to c-minor? I used transposing function in a past a lot and cannot understand why it doesn’t work in this particular case. I am getting c sharp instead. Are my settings not right? I am on Dorico Please see an attachment. Thank you in advance. Mindaugas

G# minor to C minor is an augmented fifth, not a perfect fifth.

For some reason Dorico has miscalculated the interval (it should be Augmented 5th Down)?
If you choose Number of Divisions and set -8/12 does it work?

Thank you, Janus, your option does work, any way is it not a bug in Dorico 4? Dorico have to calculate an interval automatically, doesn’t it? At least I’ve never tweeked these options to transpose…

I think this may be a bug in the “Calculate interval” section, yes - we’ll take a look.

Thank you:)

La cosa è molto semplice, se trasporti verso l’alto l’intervallo da impostare e 4 diminuita; guarda l’allegato e capirai.
Buona Musica

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…se invece trasporti verso il basso l’intervallo e di 5 eccedente; quindi devi impostare il n. di suddivisioni su -8/12;
guarda l’allegato e capirai.
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Esatto, funziona.