Transpose Key in Cubase Artist 12

I recorded a song in the key of C last week and when I went back to work on the song today somehow the software had moved the key up a half-note to C#. I definitely did not want this done and have no idea how it happened.

Can anyone tell me how I can change all the tracks back to the key of C? The manual is of no help. I set the project root key to C but it had no impact.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Detuning by a tone is usually the result of a sample rate mismatch.
Ie. your project is set to a certain sample rate and your audio interface to another.

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If the tune is in range of around 1 semitone, the not-matching sample rates are 44.1 and 48kHz.

Make sure the Project’s- and Audio Device’s sample rates matches, please.

Hello Martin,

Thanks for the quick response. I checked the sample rates as you suggested and they appeared to match at 44.1. I did figure out how to use the Transpose Key function and got it back in the original key. However, when I did a mixdown and burned a CD, the CD was actually a a half-step lower than what I originally recorded it in. It may be easier at this point to just create a new project, review the settings and ensure everything matches, and import the tracks and see if that fixes it. At my wits’ end here.

Best regards