Transpose notes in singe lined notation systems (Dorico 4)

I tried to find out about this in another thread, but could not get to the bottom of it. So again, because, as far as I am aware, you cannot test Dorico 4 (?) and this feature decides whether I buy it or not: is it possible to transpose the notes in a single lined (percussive) system? This is useful if you want to notate two percussive voices simultaneously, but also for other more uncommon notational endeavours :slight_smile:

Can you show us an example of what you would like to do? I don’t understand what “transposing” means in the context of non-pitched percussion.

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A trial version for Dorico 4 has been promised for the near future.

Sure, just did it in the thread. Have a look at this. I do the rest in Illustrator, notation software is always too limited for what I do. But the basic thing is produced in a single lined notation system. And for the workflow, I need to transpose the notes.

That is a laser. This is example is maybe a bit simpler, brightness levels for speaking:
Screenshot 2022-01-18 at 15.18.40

No, you can’t do this with single-line percussion instruments, I’m afraid. It isn’t a suitable substitute for having a pitched staff with a variable number of staff lines. That feature will be added to Dorico in future, but not right away. I understand, @Andidollar, that this may well mean Dorico is not yet suitable for your work.

Thank you, Daniel. I see.

I will ask again in a year :slight_smile:

See you in 2023! Enjoy the rest of 2022 :smiley: