Transpose option to avoid double sharps and flats in transposed parts

Just to come back to this old chestnut rather than starting yet another new thread on the topic (and the above-mentioned Sibelius "simplify accidentals does in fact work properly), although the “respell to avoid double and triple sharps and flats” does in general work fine on music in concert pitch, I’m finding that it does not work when transposed pitch it shown for individual parts. Is this by design? If so, it doesn’t seem very desirable to me!

Actually, I think this is probably better handled in a separate thread, so I’ve moved it.

Can you provide a simple example of the problem you’re experiencing?

this is an example stripped to the absolute minimum. The double accidental shown does not change when applying the respell command. This applies to all such accidentals projectwide.
quintet for clarinet, bass clarinet and string trio accidentals test.dorico (1.2 MB)

However, I discovered that if I simply copy the bar in question and paste into a new project using the same key signature, it does appear to work. The actual project in question was originally a MusicXML import so I suspect the problem lies there. I just checked with a native Dorico project and it seems to work there as well. Nevertheless, it still should surely work with imported files and perhaps it may be possible to analyse what’s up.

My suggestion for how to respell these notes in future would actually be to try using the Write > Respell > Respell Notes Automatically feature, switching off the Preserve accidental on unchanged pitches option so that Dorico has a free hand to respell the notes as it sees fit.

OK – thanks for the tip, Daniel which I’ll bear in mind for any future attempts at this.

Regarding imports, I’ve created Dorico versions of virtually all my old Sib files now as I far prefer working in Dorico but of course over a decade of using Sibelius means by definition that I have more imports from that source than Dorico files from scratch and i imagine I’m hardly alone in this!