Transpose piece minor second down not possible (solved)

I selected via command - A everything then chose transpose menu and was not able to select a minor second. Only major, diatonic and augmented was possible?

‘t-m3’ works for me? The only awkwardness I’ve found is that it is fiddly to (remember to…) deselect key sigs.

Sorry ‘t-m2’.

I meant the transpose menu. But there must have been something strange there. Because as I tested it again I could find the third to have the correct Pulldown-Menu with minor major and diatonic and when I switch back to the second the Pulldown-Menu was correct also.
So problem gone somehow.

I’m sure you know already… but you can use the Shift-I popover for this now.

Yes I know.
Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

For some reason I have the same problem: I can’t transpose a whole piece down a minor second. I want to transpose a piece from D minor to C# minor, but when I choose everything and then select transpose, I can transpose a minor second upwards, but not downwards. I even tried the - in my view - erroneous diminished unison, but then I ended up in D flat minor.

It seems the only way is to transpose the piece downwards a major second, and then up again a minor second. This seems unnecessarily laborious…

Maybe you will get an answer dannemoller…

This works fine for me, dannemoller: what version of Dorico are you using? It should be as simple as opening Write > Transpose, setting ‘Interval’ to ‘2nd’ and ‘Quality’ to ‘Minor’, setting Direction to ‘Down’, and then clicking OK.

Yes it works also fine here now. Maybe it was a problem with a special file.

I also happened to have some “impossible transposition intervals”, I had to find workarounds and hoped this kind of issue would be solved. I think that was in Dorico 1.x

I sometimes find that I need to set the interval first, then the direction, and only then will the quality that I need become available.