Transpose Problem

I loaded inside cubase 8.0.20, a project from cubase 7.5
One track is transposed 1 octave down.
When I open the midi editor, the bar is in the right place, if I play the note with the keyboard
it shows I play the same note as the bar. But if I click on the bar the note is 1 octave down.
The only way I could use to surround this problem is to transpose the track.
I have about 18 tracks, only one behaves in this way.

If I created a new project with one track, and the same VST with the same patch, everything is correct.


Inside cubase 8.0.20 I loaded a project which was saved with cubase 7.5 in the past.
And now in cubase 8.0.20 a track is transposed 1 octave lower. (I have about 12 tracks, only this one became wrong).
If I open the midi editor the bars of notes are correct.
If I play with my midi keyboard the note is correctly played and it’s the same note of the bar.
But if I play my project, or if I click on the bar inside the midi editor, the note is played 1 octave lower.

I could isolate this track, and made a very simple project with only one note and the vsti prologue for you
could reproduce the problem.
The test to do, is : open the midi editor, play the note on a midi keyboard, it’ll be correct and midi
editor will show the note played is the note of the bar.
Then, click on the bar inside the midi editor, the note played will be 1 octave lower.

Hope, this problem could be fixed, I don’t feel so safe like this.
Thanks Best Regards.

Georges Poropat. (32.2 KB)

I downloaded the file you attached, and I noticed the midi part is transposed -12 from the info line in the Project Window. Is that intentional?


No it’s not intentional. I never transposed any part, and I don’t see any transpose inside cubase
for this track. On this track, to surround the problem I need to transpose my track with +12 but if I don’t do
it, my track is transposed 1 octave lower.
When you say the midi part is transposed -12 where do you see it?

Thanks, Regards.

As I said- in the infoline in the Project Window, with the midi part selected.

Thanks but I even can’t see the midi part I really get lost here.
I only see the instrument track, and in the midi parameter I have a transpose equal to zero.

I suggest you zoom out fully. so you can see the part.

Then, verify that the info line is visible (shift-F2 is the default key command for that)

Then, select the part and look in the info line for the Transpose field.

Thanks a lot I saw now the -12 on the info line.
But I never parametered such value per container, I think it’s the conversion from 7.5 to 8.0.20 produced it.
So for future I’ll be wise on this.

Thanks, Regards.

Do you still have a backup of the older project to check it?

Yes (it’s a cubase 6.5 version) but if I open this project with cubase 8.0.20 I get the same result with -12 on containers
and this value is impossible to miss, it’s very obvious when we listen the project, this track is the melody of the project.
Last time I listened it with cubase 7.5 everything was normal.

The question I should have asked is, can you determine whether the value was changed in the previous version or not.- In other words, open the file in Cubase 6.5, check it, then save that file and open it in Cubase 8. That would be the way to see if this is a program error, or pilot error. :wink: