Transpose > Respell > chords didn't respell

I’m in v3.5 here; not sure if anything has changed in 4 related to this.

I had a passage of music in Db major which included chords. I selected everything and used Transpose to move it up a minor 3rd, and made sure I enabled the option to transpose the key signature too.

I had intended to transpose to E major, but Dorico transposed it to Fb. I selected everything, and used Write > Respell > Note Below, which worked, though I then had to manually change the key signature to E major.

At this point everything is right, except all my chords are still spelled in Fb. Not sure if that’s a bug, or if there’s an additional (hidden) feature to respell chords?

I’m not an expert on this, but I’m pretty sure Dorico considers moving from any kind of D to any kind of E to be a second interval of some kind.
Try transposing an augmented second.



Thanks for that; I think I get it.

I had to use the Transpose dialog box today (I think I was trying to get from E flat to E) and it was really squirrely and hard to use – it kept transposing into F flat!

In the dialog on the right side you can just specify the two keys and have it calculate the interval for you.

Hi user450.
There’s a bug in 4.0 that I identified with transposing an augmented unison down. You can still manage to do it (I just did it in a project 3 min ago) : use the right hand tool — choose C flat as a destination. Untick Transpose key signatures and press apply for the right hand tool. Don’t worry about what you see in the panel (+1/12), it’s irrelevant. Check Transpose key signatures again, and then Apply the Transposition window. You should see that the transposition to an augmented unison down is done as expected.
Oh, I see now that you needed an augmented unison up. There’s no bug here, just a user mistake. Don’t choose minor second up, but augmented unison up. This should solve your issue.

Marc, really? Not an augmented second? From Db to E? Now you’re starting to confuse me too … :wink:


Notice Marc said the bug is with transposing down. Doesn’t apply to your case.

I was talking about this…

Of course you’re right. I read that whole thread too fast. Augmented second it is (and not minor third)!

The bug I was referring to (augmented unison) has been resolved in 4.0.10 (although the interval still shows +1/12 instead of -1/12 when transposing down). Hurray and bravo to the team!