Transpose Shortcuts not working anymore in Piano Roll

I have this weird issue since Cubase 9.5, where sometimes I can’t transpose notes in the Piano Roll anymore using the arrow keys. It comes out of nowhere and sometimes also disappears again all of the sudden and everything works again as it should. Restarting Cubase always solves the issue, but it is highly annoying.
See the gif for what I mean: I select the notes in the Piano Roll and press the up and down arrow on my keyboard, but instead of transposing the notes it instead changes the track selection. So it looks like Cubase doesn’t properly change focus to the Midi Editor?


What Cubase version exactly do you use, please?

Make sure Preferences > Editing > Use Up/Down Navigation Commands for Selecting Tracks only is disabled, please.

I’m on 9.5.10. Thanks, I disabled the setting and will report back if the issue reoccurs or not! :slight_smile:

Ok I was hopeful for a few days, but now it happens again, even with “Use Up/Down Navigation Commands for Selecting Tracks” still being disabled.

It looks like the focus frame is around the Key Editor, but the keystrokes are going to the Project zone, which is not supposed to be happening. I would try starting up in Cubase Safe Start mode (see manual, or google it)

This is happening to me on all of my projects, it is completely slowing down my workflow and I’m considering switching DAWs as it is not been fixed still


Could you try to trash Cubase preferences ()Cubase Safe Start Mode)?