Transpose song from C to B-Not a 7th above

Imagine this: You have a project with Key track set to C.
If you want to have this song transposed in B (one semitone lower) and change the key in the project window to B, then the track is transposed to B but one 7th above.
Is there any way to transpose it one semitone below? It will be much better in quality and the algorithm won’t stretch so much.


Yes, you can open all tracks (without drums) in one Key Editor together and choose arrow down (maybye Alt+arrow down) to transpose one semitone down.

Hey Martin, thanks for the reply, I am talking about audio tracks, not midi tracks. Sorry if this wasn’t clear in my first post.

just highlight all the audio you want and then transpose it in the event info line.

Thanks but will that take into account the Elastique Algorithm? Whenever I transpose anything in this way it uses the generic algorithm.

Page 249 - “Pitch Shift”. Uses MPEX 4 though. Not sure if it’s just a different way to do that info line change or not.

Yeah, that’s the point I want to use the elastique algorithm that is used if you do that in the project window.

In the pool window you can choose between different algorithm for every audio region.
You can hear the difference directly when you use the transpose function in the info line.

Thanks, I was not aware that the setting in Pool also affected transposing in the Project Window. :slight_smile: