Transpose Track Issue (please confirm).

Transpose Track Issue

To repro:

  1. Empty Project

  2. Instrument Track, create empty part of eight measure.

  3. Chord Track, basic 4 bar I, vi, ii, V progression (4/4, 100 bpm), repeated once, eight measure total. (any progression will do, many were tried).
    (Chord Track routed to the single instrument track, not “monitored tracks”).

  4. Transpose Track, add Transpose up 3 semi-tones for second four measures and transpose back to 0 at the end of the eight measure part. (any transpose change will do, again, many were tried and the results were always the same).

  5. Play in Cycle

Result: First time the track correctly executes the Transposition, but on second and subsequent cycles, the chords are not transposed. The untransposed chords from the chord track are sounded. Obviously when the Transposition is not executed, the track(s) clash with other Independent tracks created taking the transpositions into account during recording/editing.

[*] Linear parts play correctly and transpose correctly, but when the track is played in cycle, the chords do not transpose on the first cycle repeat and subsequent cycle repeats.

[*] If the cursor (play head) is placed just before a Transpose point, the Transposition is performed correctly. Only in cycle mode have I observed this issue and only on Empty Tracks being driven by Chord Track.

[*] Parts containing MIDI data (Chord Track Mute) and set to Global Transpose: Following, do transpose correctly in cycle play mode and along linear tracks. But then there’s no adaptive voicing for those tracks.

Anyone else notice this? Can you reproduce this?


Confirmed and reported to Steinberg (CAN-16665).

Thank you, Martin Jirsak.

Any updates on this?

Issue still there in 10.5, drove me nuts. Is Steinberg finally going to fix this after more than 2 years?

There are probably few users who will even notice this exists, but, people have to 1) work hard to get good at using Cubase, and then 2) discover something that should work doesn’t work. I’ve said before there should be some kind of advice issued about known issues so we don’t have to re-discover what’s not exactly working perfectly. Car manufacturers issues “advisories” on things…anyway. While this can be worked around, I don’t like having to deal with it as it is. I’m sorry it’s not corrected in 10.5.