Transpose track & new recording

Hi, I have a Transpose track set to transpose by 2 semitones.
I want to record audio and then have it globally transposed back to 0 semitones when I set the Transpose track back to 0.
However when I record new audio, it is recorded with Global Transpose set to Independent. Now, if I set the new recorded clip to “Follow” global transpose, it will not be shifted by 2 semitones.

How can I achieve this (preferably by having the new recording set initially to “Follow”)?

Here’s a better description of what I’m actually trying to do:

I want to record myself singing in a few tracks (barbershop quartet). Some of the parts are very high in pitch and some are very low.
What I thought of doing was:

  1. Record the parts I can sing without pitch shifting.
  2. Add a transpose track and shift to a lower pitch, then record the higher part (transposed down) while listening to the other transposed parts I previously recorded.
  3. Set the transpose track back up to 0 semitone shift.

The problem is, this doesn’t work!
As soon as I add the new recording, it doesn’t follow the transpose track (it is automatically set to “Independent”), and when I finally transpose up again (step 3 above) it remains unchanged.
It doesn’t matter if I afterwords set it to “Follow” or not, I can’t get it to match the other tracks by pitch.

Is there any solution for this?

I’d never used a transpose track, so after reading this post I read the relevant manual section. I can see no reference to there being an independent or follow setting (using pro 10.0.4 here, so maybe this is a new feature?). It appears (from the manual and from a trial with multiple tracks I just ran) that the transposition entered on the track is applied globally. I would love to be enlightened on this!

Anyway…I often record vocal tracks, transpose them up (using the info line or in VariAudio) and then sing the next part along with the transposed vocals. This would, unless I’m mistaken, achieve op’s original intent?

For how to use the transpose track, watch this:

Yes, I could selectively pick the individual clips I need to transpose and shift them, but then I’ll be shifting up and down all day long, since I want to go back and forth between recording the high parts, then the low parts etc. If only the new recording was set to “Follow” in the first place, life would be much easier.

Thanks for the video link: once again YouTube beats the manual :slight_smile: