Transpose Track

Hello all.

I’m having a little trouble with the transpose track. I have 8 midi tracks, 2 on percussion and drums and I want to excluse these tracks from the transpose track. The way I’m doing the transpose is adding the transpose track, drawing in a region and then moving the little 0 up by 1 semitone. Problem is it moves the drums too. I’ve tried locking the tracks in question, but it transposes them anyway. I’m sure I did this in C5 but I can’t find it in the operation manual…can anyone help?


Wow - that is counterintuitive.

The manual (pages 132, 133; and especially 136) say you can exclude your drums by changing the “Global Transpose Setting” on the info line to “Independent”. Did/does that do the trick?

Hi Alexis - Yep that did it, thanks mate. I guess the lock thing is not counterintuitive if you ‘already know’ about the global transpose bit…but the problem is that if you don’t have a high enough screen resolution the global transpose bit is actually offscreen and you can’t scroll to it!!! Hence why i couldn’t find it! : )

You’re welcome, HH!

I was hesitant to answer actually, afraid (based on your avatar pic!) that if I gave bad advice you’d come through my computer monitor and cannibalize me! :laughing:

Ha! Yeah that was a halloween thing where I had the good fortune to have a couple of film makeup artists do their business! :slight_smile: