Transposed and sped up... !?

I need some ideas/suggestion on a very peculiar problem.

I’ve loaded up a project and immediately noticed that it’s transposed +2 and tempo is around 130bpm instead of 120bpm. I thought this must be some kind of sample-rate related problem but everything was recorded at 44.1kHz and the project is set to that. Curiously if I mix down it plays back at the correct pitch and tempo. However if I then import that audio into an empty C8 project it too get’s transposed and sped up!

I checked other recent C8 projects and it’s the same thing… playback sped up and transposed +2 :confused:

:bulb: Thoughts :question:

Also check the interface SR setting.

Interface SR was unchanged. It’s the weirdest thing, not unlike other strange oddities I encounter from time t time.

And today it’s all fine again. :unamused:

I’m still plagued by this issue. :frowning:

I’m trying to get this mix done and off to my client but each time I open up the project the poor singer sounds like Mini Mouse !

One way that seemed to ‘fix’ it in the past was to actually change the projects sample rate to 48kHz, electing not to resample the audio, and then immediately switch the project back to 44.1hz. THEN it would usually play back as it should. However with this particular project applying that ‘fix’ seems to cause issues for variaudio… and the vocal ends up in the wrong key. Closing and re-opening the project a few times eventually sorts it, but I really am at a loss as to what’s actually causing this problem in the first place .

I’m starting to wonder if there’s an issue (driver?) with my Fasttrack interface and Windows 10. It’s the latests driver… but it does pre-date Windows 10.