transposed instrument with 24-EDU Equal temperament

Unfortunately the transposition for alto sax (Eb) using 24-EDU ist wrong.
Anyway to solve this problem or is it a bug?

Thanks Frank

I believe you have been the victim of a bug in the way microtonal accidentals are set in 1.0.10: they are set in such a way that they won’t change even if the music is transposed. There’s no good workaround for this right at the moment, but it will be sorted out in the next update, which is coming soon. In the meantime if you have a project that needs rescuing, you can attach it here (in a zip file) and I should be able to repair it for you using a development build of the software. Sorry for the inconvenience.

thanks daniel! no rescue needed, I’m waiting for the update…

When is the quarter tone playback function to be expected?

First we have to implement support for VST note expression, which is what allows (among many other clever things) individual notes in HALion to be tuned by a different amount, and then we have to actually implement playback of microtonal accidentals, which has to compete for priority against all other playback features. I think it’s a safe bet that we will handle playback of things like grace notes, glissandos, trills, etc., before we get a chance to work on playback of microtonal accidentals, so I’m afraid it’s not imminent.

Ok thanks. That means I have to stick with Finale until then :frowning:
There I have a workaround with Max wich works fine.
I hope there will be now charged update until then as I can’t use Dorico until it can playback quarter tones.

Again, correcting the spelling in the Subject line to make it searchable.
EDU stands for Enigma Duration Units, 1024 per quarter note.
Equal divisions per octave = EDO.