Transposed layout is not displayed

In one of my projects the Bb trumpet is displayed correctly, but the key in the beginning is not shown correctly. It stays A Minor instead of Major… but the E in display as an F#… why that? Thanx for an advice

and why are the instrument names shown in English though the language is changed to German? Both in the search menu and the Prints Layout?

Thank you

For the instrument names - where do you mean? there are 3 different names you might be referring to, each used in different places: Spieler-, Layout- und Instrumentennamen

If you mean in the staff labels (in the music, to the left of the initial barline) then you need to change the instrument language and possibly reset all the existing instrument names in the project (to update to the new defaults).

In the instrument picker there are multiple Trumpets in Bb. I expect you’ve got the “Bb no key sig” rather than the “Bb”. You can fix this by changing the instrument from the left panel of Setup mode.

@ Leo… ah my fault ! Thanx a lot!

@ Lillie when I change an Instrument an d look for the name in the search menu.
And when I finally want to save as an PDF, on the print layout corner up, left its is written trombone , not Posaune…ah now I found it, thanx a lot. Could this be changed globally for all upcoming projects or do I have to change it manually every time?

If you change the instrument language in Engrave > Engraving Options > Language before adding instruments, the name shown in the top left of parts should be in the correct language automatically. When you add an instrument, that name is used for the player name, and in turn, is also used as the layout name. If you rename the player, the layout name gets updated automatically. However, if you change the layout name, any subsequent changes you make to the player name no longer affect the layout name (like a page override).

Likewise, if you change the language after adding instruments but later then reset instrument names, as long as you haven’t changed either the player or layout names manually, both should update when you reset the instrument names. (If not, you can also reset them using the arrow in the name field when you double-click the player/layout card.)

You can also save the current state of engraving options (including your language setting) as the default for all future projects.

Thank you, where can I do that?

It’s in the bottom left corner of Engraving Options (Notensatz-Optionen). I think it’s “Als Standard speichern” in German.

Hm… I changed the language, but on the top its still Trumpet… not Trompete…

If you mean at the top of the part, check what the layout name is (in Setup mode, the panel on the right). If that’s correct, check in Engrave mode for a red triangle override on the page. If it’s incorrect, reset the instrument name and/or layout name (double-click the part name in Setup mode and click the circle arrow that represents “reset”).

If that’s not helpful, can you share a screenshot of the problem to help us help you.