Transposed Part // Articulations


I have finished a piece for trumpet and piano.
Now I want to trumpet parts
a) in C
b) in be flat

How can I creat this.

Another question about articulations. Is it possible to have all the Accent articulation outside of the staff, or do I need to redo this in Engrave mode

Best wishes


You can create a new part layout containing your trumpet player, and set it to be in concert pitch rather than transposed via Edit > Sounding Pitch. This will produce a part in C. Then you can use Propagate Part Formatting to copy the formatting you’ve already made in your transposed part into your concert part, and likewise use Propagate Properties to propagate any other edits you’ve made in your transposed part into the concert part.

There’s no setting for forcing accents to be outside the staff at the moment, so you will need to adjust these in Engrave mode.