Transposing All Drum Notes

Hi! I know this must be a common problem, if you change a drum kit for your MIDI part and all the notes are now in the wrong place on this kit…

Can someone describe how to transpose all notes in a project to a different note?

Drum Map

That is possibly the most unhelpful reply I’ve ever come across, I’m actually impressed.

When I said describe, I was hoping for more than two words because, if I was that familiar with drum maps I wouldn’t be asking this question would I?

Probably the laziest person I’ve come across… :wink:

Amazed how many refuse to look up given terms in the manual, where the info comes from the horse’s mouth.

hahaha! touche my friend :smiley:

Since you took that well, unlike 99% of people around here, I’ll expound. :sunglasses:

Drum Maps do just what you want. It’s a long, drawn-out explanation which is why searching the Index of the Operations Manual for that term would be a good idea. Somebody already wrote all about it, better than I could. Have a shufty and then ask any specific questions that might arise. To add, most 3rd party VSTi’s have Cubase DMs available on their sites. The one issue is Cubase’s GA1, as the different hits are all over the place for each preset.

I’ll go even further, p. 518 of the Ops. manual.