Transposing chord track event one octave

Hi there,
I’m inputting chords onto a chord track using the pencil tool. When i click on one of the chord track events (one of the chords) it opens the Editor/Chord Assistant where you can choose the chords.

All the chords are in one specific octave range.
Is there an easy way to play (only) one of the chords an octave higher or lower?

Thanks in advance for any help

What i personally do is to open the inspector for the chord track and turn off ‘Adaptive Voicings’ (Circled Green).

This then allows you to change the voicing options per Chord entry (Circled Yellow), if adaptive voicing is enabled you can only change the first chord entry - which is a bit confusing that it’s hidden away like that.

Also, there’s more options within the Voicings settings menu (Circled blue) to play different style of chords, add additional bass notes and set the max note range (if you need super high octaves).

Well worth experimenting with.

That is exactly what i was looking for. Thank you so much for the taking the time to explain this. I hope others also find it useful.