Transposing clef not playing back properly

This is probably something very simple but I can’t find the answer. Bear with me!

I have an arrangement, initially created in Finale, that I’ve brought into Dorico. The XML transfer was fine; minor cleanup of the page formatting was fine and now it looks great. Problem is, the playback. The bass clef staff is playing back an octave too low. File is attached. I’m using Pro v.5, latest update, on Windows 10.
(Transposing bass clef is the accepted format for women’s barbershop harmony, so no, I can’t change the clef).

I have no trouble with playback on projects created in Dorico from the start. I have other charts converted from Finale that play back fine; can’t see where the problem is on this one.

Thank you!

bless_the_broken_road_ssaa.dorico (1.6 MB)


I would edit the playback instrument like this :

There may also be an expression map to transpose the notes’ sounds by an octave (but I would probably use Marc’s solution anyway).

I did not give this solution because both “players” use the same instrument — so that would be the same expression map! But you’re right, it’s the good reflex :wink:

Would they use the same expression map if they broadcast on different MIDI channels? Don’t EM’s go with the channel/slot used? I admit I do not use them much.

Thanks Derrek, you’re absolutely right and I just realize how I got that messed up in my brains. So yes, it’s absolutely possible to change the expression map to “Transposed to one octave up” :pray:

That did it. Thank you!
Other charts don’t have that setting, but whatever – problem solved on this one! I had never noticed that option in the Expression Map before. Good to know.

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It could be due to the XML import resulting in the bass instrument being misidentified – Dorico automatically octave transposes some instruments, like double bass and piccolo, but only if Dorico knows the instrument is the correct type.

Changing the instrument in Setup mode after import (which preserves all its music, just changes the underlying instrument) might also fix such issues.