Transposing dialog not appearing with Apple Pencil

I am using iPad Pro (11“, 4th Generation) with iPadOS 17.1.1 and Apple Pencil. When I select a single note or multiple notes with the pencil and click on the transposition menu, only the headline Transposition appears, but no dialog. When I select the transposition via finger, then the dialog appears as expected. Is this a bug or a feature I am missing?

Yes, I can confirm this too. I don’t think it’s a feature!

Also, the main “menu” with all the Options: if I reveal that, but then want to click away, I can’t do that with the pencil; only my finger.

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Do you find that the Transpose dialog opens if you choose the menu item with your finger, or does it also fail to open in that circumstance?

Yes, it works as expected with a finger.

Then I suspect this is a variation on the problem that causes Dorico to freeze when interacting with certain controls.

It actually does not freeze when you click the transposition menu with the Apple Pencil. It leads to the empty black dialog showing only the header. When you turn the iPad then from landscape to portrait mode and back to landscape again, the popup has disappeared and you can continue to work.