Transposing for Alto Sax


I am wanting to transpose lead sheets from my Concert C Real Book for Alto Sax Eb.

So if I just copy the concert C lead sheet into Dorico, what would be the best process/settings to make the transposition to Eb?


If you entered the notes in concert as an Al. Sax part, just click the transpose check box in the appropriate layout options.

If you just want to transpose everything, select all and use the Write > Transpose menu option.

Chord symbols would need to be selected specifically to be included in the transposition.

Thanks so much Derrek! But what is an AI? I was thinking it might be useful to leave the original concert key as the “Full Score” and then have one “player” as the alto sax with the Eb transposition. But its my first day working in here, and really with any notation software, so I´m a little clueless on best workflow.

I was messing around today with the Write > transpose menu method today. Is the screenshot attached the best setting to transpose from C> Eb?

Much appreciated!
Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 9.09.52 PM.png

If the instrument is an Eb alto sax, when you switch to its part layout it should be transposed correctly automatically. By default, part layouts are transposing (meaning they display notes in transposed pitch) and full score layouts are concert pitch.

You can also set the transposition of layouts manually in Dorico 3.5 - for e.g. if you wanted to have an alternate version that transposes in Bb as well without having to duplicate the notes or add a separate player.

That screenshot will actually give you the transposition for Eb Baritone Sax. If you want Alto you’ll want up a major 6th, or take the notes from the Bari transposition up an octave.

You’re probably better off just inputting from the Real Book in Concert though, then viewing the part Transposed.

I didn’t post an answer (Derrek got there first) but I admit I jumped to the wrong conclusion from what was on the screen: “You joined 6 months ago and have made 14 posts, so you aren’t a complete beginner.”

But looking at your profile, most of those posts are on a different Steinberg forum!

Thanks Lillie! I have not discovered the partlayouts yet, I will check that out now! sounds like the best solution! :slight_smile:

Yes thats correct! I´ve been on Cubase for 6 months and producing dance music for many more years, but brand new to notation and especially transposition :slight_smile: I´ve just been playing saxophone for about 2 months :slight_smile:

“Al. Sax” is the abbreviation for Alto Saxaphone.