Transposing Guitar with Capo

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Here s a song, which sounds in Bb, as I am using a Capo in 3. fret on guitar, so the score is written in G.
How can I make dorico sound in Bb while showing the score in G during playback?


If you input all the music in Bb (ie your desired sounding pitch) then add a capo to your guitar, the notation will show the capo pitch but playback will respect the underlying “actual” pitch.

  • To change the displayed pitch on notation staves in transposing layouts, see here and here (because you can determine whether or not notation staves used the “capo transposition” in each layout independently).
  • To change the numbers shown on tablature, see here.
  • To change the chords shown in chord symbols/diagrams, see here and here.

that is very kind help, the given spots and the connection of workings on hat matter from the manual are perfect.

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