transposing in Cubase Essential 5


Is there a possibility to transpose (like a tapedeck, speed and freq increment, so no time correction) in Cubase Essential 5? I always used this feature in older Cubase versions and now I can’t find it in the menu of Audio>Process…


EDIT: Try Audio > Process > Pitch Shift. Leave “Time Correction” unchecked.

I don’t know about your knowledge about cubase so I’ll try to make it simple.

In essentials the only way to transpose audio track is to use real time transpose (no offline processing like timestretch).
That is select audio track you want to transpose.
If you can’t see the line under tools menu (where file, description, start, end… are listed) click number 1 knob showed on picture.
Then locate transpose and fine tune ( 2 on picture).
According to your track it is possible to use different algorithms for vocal, instrument, you own… For changeing algorithm you need to open wave editor (double click on your take) You should see Algorithm window below file menu. Select the one suites you the best or use your own setting under Advanced.
Anyway it is useful for small changes. For big ones use Elastique or Melodyne or by big cubase… There aren’t acceptable freebies for pitch shifting.

I’m sorry, I didn’t read your post carefully. 16 hours of computer can make it happen.
There’s no such option in CE5 that I know of. You may try some external editing or update to C6.
Or you can use both at the same time- do a time stretch on your track and change the pitch value. The result will be more mechanical though.

@ innerlute: I wish it was there!
@ Andres: Thanks still, but indeed it’s these artifacts. I don’t like them, and sometimes I do some extreme transposing and nothing’s left of the quality.
@ Mashedmitten: That’s what I’m looking for, but it’s for Windows only. And I’m not sure if I could see the transposing ratio’s/intervals.

Okay, obviously it’s not there. Essentials is a really badly chosen name.
Does somebody know what’s the upgrade I need to just have this pitch shifter (without time correction!)?

I guess cubase artist 6 would be what you need, it’s a €100,- upgrade from essential 5.

Full C6 has the new Elastic Audio algo that’s supposed to be killer. See if CA6 has it or not.