Transposing instrument problem

I have a transposing problem.
I created a requinto in F from a guitar (in C).
In Setup mode, I opened Clefs & Transpositions Overrides and set Written middle C sounds as F3 and Concert pitch as C3.
(a requinto is pitched a 4th above a guitar).

The solo Requinto part transposes perfectly but does not transpose within another part containing it and other instruments, though they do transpose.
Is there some flag/button/lever/dialogue that I am missing somewhere?

Requinto - concert pitch
Requinto - transposed
Multipart - both

Each transposition override applies only to the layout in which you create it, so if you want the requinto to be transposed in multiple layouts, create the override in each layout in which it appears.

Thanks for your usual swift response, Daniel.
Since the override is effected from Setup mode, I cannot yet see a way to apply it to different layouts.
Layout Options ->Players shows the Transposing Layout check box ticked for all layouts.
There must be one more tick to do somewhere?

The clef and transposition override is applied to a specific layout. Right-click the layout in which you want the override to now be applied and set it up again using the Clef and Transposition Override dialog.

Excellent! I am now saved!
thanks, Daniel.