Transposing Instruments - Clefs - Puzzled

Pro version (July 12 2022)
NotePerformer 3.3.2
Win 10 21H2 Build 19044.1889

Transposing Instruments - Clefs

I’m a bit puzzled by the Clefs behaviour in Transposed and Concert layouts.

  1. Set up a few transposing instruments for a British Colliery Brass Band, eg Solo Cornet in Bb, 1st Trombone in Bb .

  2. In Concert pitch they’ll show Treble Clef for the Cornet, and Bass Clef for the Trombone.

  3. Switch to Tansposed view and the Cornet will retain it’s Treble Clef, whilst the Trombone will change from the Bass Clef to the Treble Clef…

All good so far

  1. In Write Mode, Concert layout, change the Clef of the Trombone to Treble Clef.

  2. Change to Transposed layout. The Trombone retains the Treble Clef. Change back to Concert layout, the Trombone does not change to Bass Clef.

  3. In write Mode, whether Concert of Transposed layout, it’s possible to select the Clef, and change it from the panel on the right hand side.

  4. Selecting the Trombone Clef and looking at the Properties Panel, it has a Clefs box with an option to “Show for transposition” - Concert Pitch Transposing Pitch. But, this doesn’t seem to do anything.

  5. Selecting Library/Layout Options, then the 1st Trombone from the Layouts list, then Players, there is a Transposing layout tick box - this doesn’t seem to do anything either. The Clef remains the same whether in Concert or Transposed layouts.

This is not a major snag or anything, but I’d have expected the Trombone Clef to change wrt Concert or Transposed layouts. It seems it becomes “unstuck” if the Clef is manually changed.

Is it lack of knowledge on my part (highly likely) and failure to understand how it’s supposed to work?

Because you changed it in step 4?

  1. That is for Clef changes so they can be hidden for the part or the score while keeping in the other Layout.

  2. That will specify if the Part should be in Concert or Transposed pitch. Again since you made both Concert and Transposed Clefs the same in Step 4, not sure why you’re expecting them to change.

Thanks Craig,

I thought that having changed the Clef in step 4, I’d be able to make the score revert to it’s previous, default behaviour.

Anyway, no big deal, I was just curious.

Ha! I’ve just discovered that “default” behaviour can be re-set via the Edit/Notations/Clef dialogue.

So, puzzled no more.