Transposing Instruments, German transpositions


is there any way to get the names of the transposing instruments right in german?

I can change the language for instruments to german, but the Transpositions stay English:

Trompete in Bb (should be “in B”)

When I select “Trompete in B” I really get a “Trompete in H”, this is absolutely wrong.
It should be possible to get this right, since I can’t publish the scores this way in a professional enviroment.

So: How do I get the transpositions right?

Any help is much appreciated.


Turn off the transposition in Layout Options, then right-click on the instrument in Setup mode and Edit Name - type the transposition in manually. For a more detailed set of steps, search the forum - this topic comes up frequently.

ok, thank you for the help.

That is a workaround, however, it would be nice to be able to use the dorico defaults.


Torsten, I agree with you. It wouldt be very nice to have always the choice between different languages when note-names are concerned. In chord symbols we can choose from English, German, French and Italian. Wouldn‘t it be geat if this was the all-over-standard?


Dorico has improved very much since Version 1. But this missing translation of the transpositions annoys me nearly every day, when I must change instrument names manually. Furthermore, every person I try to convince of Dorico stumbles over this, when I show him (or her) the program. People have still the feeling, that Dorico isn’t developed far enough for his (her) work and they still want to wait until these language issues are solved.
On the other hand, I have a workaround for this, so it’s not impossible to achieve and I can live with the fact, that the development team is focussing on features, which are completely missing at the moment.