Transposing Mode

Sorry if this is an overly noob question.
I am trialing Dorico and am playing with the included projects. In particular “Akinola - Dorico Prelude”.
It displays in concert pitch but as a Horn player, I need to see the score in transposed mode and I’d like to be able to change the F Horn parts to “No Key” versions if at all possible. I can do that in Sibelius.
I consulted the following help file: Changing whether layouts are transposing/non-transposing
but there are no changes when selecting all parts or even just the horn parts. The score stays in concert pitch. :frowning:
Obviously I’m doing something wrong.

Have a look in Layout Options > Players.
Try checking the box Transposing Layout and Apply.

Thanks Steven yes, tried that several times, never changed a thing. Then I came here.


Have you tried this?

In Setup mode, click the small arrowhead next to the player name so that it points downwards. Click on the arrowhead at the right of the name within that (see first pic.) and choose Change Instrument. The next step is the same as when you first created the player.


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Top menu: Edit->Transposed Pitch (it toggles with Concert Pitch)
Note each layout (part or Full Score) can be set separately

Change the Horn to (F no key sig) as per @stevenjones01 picture

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Tx Janus, I’ll take another look at this tonight or tomorrow.


The Steven. No didn’t get that far but do appreciate the visuals!!! Will attempt tonight or tomorrow.


Ok Steven. Looks like what I was originally doing and what you also advised to do was correct. I was looking for change in key signatures but the the provided sample score “Dorico Prelude” apparently was written atonaly.
I imported it into Sibelius and again, no key. Great example to have used first time out. NOT!
It would be nice if there were some more examples with actual key signatures AND transposing instruments.