Transposing (modulation) to G#/Ab

With the transpose function: I cannot choose to transpose to a specific key (for example from A to Ab). The only result I got is transposing down half-tone to G#. I cannot manually choose to go to Ab instead.
If I transpose the notes first without ‘changing the key’ and than change the key independently from the notes, the notes are not ‘respelled’ (result: 4 flats at the clef but all notes with sharps…).
There is probably a better way/workflow to do this… can anyone help me out?
(I kinda like the Sibelius option of transposing/modulating better…)

Use the calculate interval A to Ab and apply.

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Haaaa! Ok! And I also forgot to check last option ‘respell’…

Lafin is right, the calculator will help you. It will choose « disminished unison » and it will work.

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