Transposing repeatedly

When transposing repeatedly, the direction and the interval is retained - that’s fine! But the quality (i.e. diatonic) should also be retained and not always jump back to major.

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I can confirm and I agree. But to “transpose” diatonically you can use select & alt+arrow up/dow. Is much faster.

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Dorico reapplies the last-used settings in the Transpose dialog when you open it, but the settings you actually end up with will depend on the selected music. Settings will only be restored if the selected music can be transposed by the settings to be restored.

FWIW I reproduce this. Transpose some notes up a “diatonic third” and invoke the dialog again, and the setting reverts to major. But I can select Diatonic again and do it again.

(Not that I care about this; just reporting.)

Thanks for this tip! I have made a note of it. This key combination transposes to the next scale step. I mostly need thirds and sixths, but this shortcut is still helpful.