Transposing score issues

hi, having notated a score ‘in C’, I have now turned on transposition, so the wind are transposing correctly. However, while I have all the A, B, Cs and Ds, I do not have the relevant accidentals - other than a few random natural signs. Have I done something wrong? (I have just gone through the score switching on all the accidentals individually!)
The score is non-tonal, so written without a key signature.

That’s decidedly odd. Where you’re turning them on individually, was the Notes and Rests . Accidental property already turned on?

Yes, I thought it was odd. They all had the correct accidental - it was just switched off.

Yes, but is the switch turned on or off?
If it’s pointing to the left and grey, it’s off. If it’s pointing to the right and blue, it’s on.

Ah, yes switched on OK - just at ‘Hide’. So I’ve had to go through them all and turn them to ‘Show’ (where relevant i.e. not all the naturals).

That points to music that originated as MusicXML, with the import option for Accidental Visibility turned on. (I recommend turning it off for future imports - it’s in Preferences > MusicXML Import).

Don’t go through them one by one. Select all, Filter Notes, then if you don’t see the Notes properties in the bottom panel, set the Filter to Deselect, then Filter Tuplets (tuplets remain selected when filtering notes, as generally speaking when copying and pasting notes you’ll also want any tuplets that house those notes). That should theoretically give you the Notes properties. Then turn the Accidental switch off, once. That’ll tell all the accidentals throughout to follow the global Notation Options.

You’re right, it was a MusicXML import. Thanks for the tip on imports, and for the instructions on how to fix it. Fantastic! Thank you.
I am about to prepare a set of parts for the first time: any useful tutorials? (I cannot see one on the YouTube page). Particularly concerned about page turns.
Many thanks for your speedy help - it has assisted me a lot.

I try not to use this forum as an advertising platform for the course that I recently released, but, er, here’s a video that looks at formatting parts:

It does build on the previous couple of videos (I think you can watch five for free) so you may find those helpful too.

In the manual, the Page formatting chapter has lots of useful information although it’s not specifically a “part prep tutorial”. Things like changing staff size, page margins, staff spacing, note spacing are all in there, plus setting fixed casting off, system/page (frame) breaks etc.

For duplicating part formatting, e.g. for multiple horns with very similar parts, see here.

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Thanks again: happy to subscribe to anything that’s actually useful. Both these suggestions look really helpful.

Sorry to trouble you again: I have tried to fix all the note properties - as in your instructions - but I cannot get the note properties to appear. I have done: Cmd-A / Edit>Filter>Select /Notes and Chords …
all notes are selected, but no properties appear. So: Edit>Filter>Deselect / Tuplets …
still no properties. Is there any other way I can get at the properties of all the notes?

Look carefully the selection and try to find what is selected and is not a note, then deselect it. Once there are only notes, you will find you have access to the properties. I am curious to know what it could be, because Leo’s advice has always worked for me.

Hmm. Have you checked that nothing’s currently typed into the search box at the top left edge of the properties panel, and the property panel filters (to show only local, global or set properties) aren’t selected?

There is nothing in the search box, but the property panel filters are on: set to Show All / Set Globally. How do I switch them off? Sorry to be so dumb about this …

The switch over to the far right won’t make a difference to whether the properties show or not.

The stuff over to the left should look like this:

OK, I’m sorry to say I did not manage to get that trick to work: however, since you told me the principle, I managed to turn off all the accidental switches by doing Cmd-shift-A line by line.
Scary lesson, but I do now understand how the accidentals work. Thanks!!

Last thing (I hope!) - the stems are all the right way up in the score, but they come out a bit random in the parts. Is this an aspect of the same problem, or does it just happen. Correcting them in the parts does not seem to affect the score adversely.
Thanks again for all the help with this project.

Corrections in the score may affect the parts, but corrections in the parts (other than changing pitch) probably will not affect the score.

If you have forced the stem direction of individual notes in the full score with Set local properties set to Globally, then those adjustments will have affected the part layout(s) as well.

Thanks for those last two comments. The info about global properties suddenly makes a penny drop, so that explains a lot of things. Brilliant!