Transposing score layout

Hello, I copied a piece in g-minor and try to provide an additional score in f-minor (for a high pitch organ).
So far I had managed to make additional layouts for instrumental parts, but this morning I could not make it work with an additional score layout. Is there something I should be aware of? I am away from my computer and just wonder why it did not work…

Organs are not typically transposing so any instrument you add will be concert pitch. Thus will not appear any different in transposing view.

If I understand your needs correctly, do the following.

  • Create a new score layout
  • Use the Clef and Transposition Override function to set the appropriate transposition on the organ instrument.
  • Set the layout to transposing view.

Thanks Craig, I will try your solution.
In earlier baroque music it is not unusual to have different pitched instruments playing in the same piece.
Organs, trombones and cornetti would be at high pitch „Chorton“ whilst the more modern french woodwind instruments would play at „Kammerton“ or „Tief Kammerton“ which is two to three half tones lower than the „Chorton“.
As a famous example, Bachs Christmas Oratorio starts with a choir in D Major, still the composer provided an organ part in C Major. This works together fine without problem.
related to modern pitch a=440Hz a Chorton would be a=466Hz or even higher. Kammerton relates to this as a=415Hz and Tief Kammerton as 392Hz. The actual historical pitches of organs of that time might be even higher.

As an illustration, this is a cantata I copied earlier this year:
Violoncello Part = Ab Major
Organ (1) Part = Ab Major
Organ (2) Part = Gb Major
Organ (3) part = F Major
So the original copyist provided three (!) organ parts to choose from - depending on the pitch of the instrument.

I managed it.
Just forgot to tick the „Transposed Pitch“ for that score layout.
Now perfect.