Transposing Score

I’m trying to copy a big band Score into Dorico.

When I do this in Sibelius4,5,6,7, there is a button named transposing score that transposes my Bb and Eb instruments in to the appropriate keys.

I see in Doric how to transpose the whole score but I don’t see how to transpose just some instruments.

Is it possible to do that?

Any help would be great.


Ok I found it

For the sake of anybody else who stumbles on this thread looking for the answer: choose Edit > Transposed Pitch to switch to a transposed score, and choose Edit > Concert Pitch to, you know, switch to a concert score.

This is a related, though tangential, subject: I rarely want to print a score in concert pitch, but because I often work on them that way, I have several times wasted paper and toner printing scores in concert pitch by accident. Yes, it’s certainly my own fault, but, as the saying goes, I am human, therefore I err.

I always appreciated the fact that Sibelius warned me when I was about to print a score in concert pitch; any thoughts about putting a similar warning into Dorico?

Lew, that’s a cool request. In the meantime you could add a Full Score Layout and call it “Full Score Concert Pitch” and use Layout option to have it not transposing. Do all your musical input work using that layout, then when done with the music, and time to print it would be more obvious to print the layout with the name “Full Score” which would be transposed.

Hmm, never thought of that. That may be a good workaround solution. I’ll give it a try.